How to Heal with Humour,

Inspire and Empower Others 

World recognized Comedy Therapist, Lizzie Allan, develops and teaches courses and workshops, leads tutorials, and creates and delivers free classes, the DNA of which, all comes from a combination of therapeutic processes combined with comedy writing and performance techniques wrapped around a joyful and supportive community. She has now brought her expertise onto the Hilarapy Tribe online self-guided comedy therapy platform. What was once only available in person is now available to you online, everywhere, anytime.

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Whether you sometimes feel you're not good enough, not smart enough, or just feeling like something is holding you back, your ability to see life's events through a different lens and perspective, and share your story can make dramatic and profound impact on both yourself and others. 


If you thought being emotionally and creatively constipated was bad, 

the extended outcome is much worse.

Have you ever wanted to do something special and big with your life like stand-up comedy or telling the world your story, but fear held you back?


Do you feel you’re not worthy of taking up space and shining your light?


Do you wish you had more confidence and could just break free from limitations and fear and just be who you were born to be?


If you’ve answered YES, then THIS IS FOR YOU!


Did you know one in four struggle with mental health?


Do you know NINETY percent of the population have experienced childhood trauma of some kind?


That ONE HUNDRED percent of those who access some form of creative therapy get better results than those who don’t?

Take a moment to think of what your future will look like if you don't choose to

show up in your own life and embrace who you really are. You will only live half a life 

Imagine This:


You’ll continue to believe the lies and push people away.


You’ll continue to feel worthless, useless, depressed, anxious, lonely, stressed, and stuck.


But, it doesn’t have to be this way... 


You can choose to reclaim your power!

Choose to believe your life is worth living to the fullest!

You deserve to be happy!

One of our students performing her live comedy set

Introducing the Hilarapy Tribe Community Membership

One of our students performing to a sold-out, public show.

Hilarapy™, Healing with Humour™, was developed by Lizzie Allan, a Registered Transpersonal Counsellor, Professional Comedian with a degree in Comedy Writing and Performance, and Comedy Therapist. Lizzie successfully combines therapeutic processes with comedy writing and performance techniques to give people a space to work on their ‘stuff’ and tell their stories in a safe, supportive, and joyful community environment.


Working through life's difficulties with comedy and therapy together within an online therapy community, provides a powerful, effective, and fun pathway to a happy and successful life. With the Hilarapy Tribe, you'll achieve freedom from limitations and fear, and start to live that bigger life that is deep inside you.


The Hilarapy Tribe membership is a self-guided comedy therapy community that includes revolutionary features that bring a whole new dimension to your life. The Hilarapy Tribe Library contains all the materials, videos, tutorials, worksheets, and other tools and resources at your disposal to shape your self-guided program. Weekly Live Sessions connect you with other members to write comedy together, run punchlines, etc. and socialize with your new Tribe friends. The Tribe Forum is the central meeting place to share and connect with the community. The Forum has a great deal of functionality. You can even private chat with new friends, share something you want to keep close to the chest, or just find support from the Tribe. Remember, a supportive community gives us courage and catches us when we stumble. Plus, you’ll learn potent new tools that will aid in your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 


Work at your own pace: watch the videos, do the work, and attend the live sessions. You’re never alone. Our Hilarapy Team and Tribe Membership are always within reach to assist you on your journey. 


If you truly want to transform into the person you really are, to choose a new path of discovery, a lasting way to unlock your creativity and really spread your wings, then Sign Up NOW!

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Meet Your Trainer

Lizzie Allan on Comedy Therapy

Lizzie Allan's Comedy Writing and Performance graduate thesis was a research performance project exploring the question: Can I use comedy as a therapeutic tool to smash the stigma surrounding addiction and mental health issues? She shared her own story to an audience of people with similar lived experience and the feedback was astonishing! The show snowballed. Invited to perform for various mental health and recovery organizations, her vulnerability mixed with humour was having a profound, transformative impact.


She harnesses the healing power of comedy to help articulate those difficult experiences and inspire human connections with the sparks of shared laughter. 


Lizzie develops and teaches courses, workshops, tutorials, and webinars, is an acclaimed TED speaker, presenter, author, host, and coach, all of which comes from her unique combination of therapeutic processes, with comedy writing and performance techniques, all wrapped around a supportive and joyful community. Comedy, therapy, and community are truly at the heart of Hilarapy. 


Students begin making sense of their experiences, identifying the absurdities and finding the universal humour among fellow Tribe travelers. By telling their stories, it also gives purpose, validity, and meaning to those experiences while simultaneously washing away the stigma and shame that was attached for so long. Others identify with them and their story while confidence replaces stigma. These are some of the powerful health benefits of laughter when woven in a very specific way with therapeutic modalities, comedy writing and performance techniques, within a safe and supportive community. 

Trainer Credentials

  • Degree in Comedy Writing and Performance from the University of Salford, England 

  • Registered Therapeutic Counsellor 

  • Winner of 2019 Business of the Year in Supporting  of the Arts Award in South Surrey and White Rock Chamber of Commerce

  • Speaker at numerous events including being the Co-Host of Recovery Day Virtual Festival BC 2020 featuring Macklemore and Madchild, Keynote Speaker at the MODHAC 2020 International Conference, Feature Speaker at International Women's Day Events, BC Teachers Federation, and Mental Health Needs Networking

  • Appearances on Talk Recovery Radio, Pulse FM, SoberRoso Podcast, Sober is Dope with POP Buchanan Podcast, Back 2 Life with BBC's Milly Chowles Podcast, Lady Jade Fearnley Podcast,  and Community Connections with Gordie Hogg  

  • Writer, producer, and creator of [un]expecting, an original theatre production about getting pregnant the gay way

  • Raised thousands of dollars for charitable organizations that promote the health and wellness of men and women

What Professionals Say About Lizzie Allan

Lizzie broke open some boxes and kicked down some walls.

Mike Roberts

Avon Mental Health Trust

It was a brilliant performance and I would recommend Lizzie Allan to anyone else.

Wendy Moore

Trust Mental Health Manager of NHS 

To see someone come and bring such a powerful message and to see them offering their experience, strength, and hope in such a colourful and vibrant way is something they will never forget.

Bernard Murphy

Mental Health Coordinator, NHS

Lizzie Allan was absolutely fantastic! 

Heather Ashwall

Mental Health Trust, NHS

What You Will Learn


Access your inner genius and walk with confidence through your life!

Find clarity as you navigate our

rapidly changing world, and

learn to take action.


Find your power with Comedy Therapy. No more shame, worry, self-doubt or smallness. Learn to safely harness the power of vulnerability and LIVE YOUR LIFE with a fearless open heart!


Make peace with your past. Remove things that no longer serve you. Let the baggage go and remember who you were born to be! Your life has meaning and purpose; I will show you how!

  • Find Community

    Submerge yourself in a community with like-minded people; a place to give and receive support

  • Build Confidence

    Generate the confidence to say YES to new experiences and attract new opportunities 

  • Feel Fully Supported in Your Own Creativity

    Discover how to truly embrace your natural creativity

  • Learn How to Build Intimate Connections with Others

    Learn the Power of Vulnerability and how to let go of shame and build intimate connections with others

  • Release Stress

    Reduce stress and become more present to the joy in your life

  • Become a Powerful Manifestor

    Access and release your inner genius and actually manifest what you are truly capable of

  • Make Peace with Your Past

    Develop the courage to joyfully Share your Story with Humour and finally make peace with your past

  • Inspire Others with Your Experience

    Help others with your experience, strength, and hope because your story matters

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What People Say About the Program

If I could validate and empathize on my own, I would, but I need

a community like Hilarapy to

help me with the emotions

I sometimes struggle with. 

It's been very helpful.

Terry W.

I have become more aware of what gratitude feels like being part of Hilarapy. The value of connection  and sharing my

story through  laughter has

been empowering and it's

given me freedom.

Aimie W.

Join The Hilarapy Tribe Membership Program Today!
Only US$9.97/Month

The Online Therapy Program

This is what you will get


The Tribe Library contains all of Lizzie's presented materials including videos, tutorials, worksheets, lessons, and all of the tools and resources you'll need to shape your self-guided program. You can access these lessons at a time that is most convenient for you and learn at your own pace. The welcome video takes you through the Hilarapy Tribe Dashboard and shows you where the best place to start is. The Hilarapy Tribe Forum is the place to connect with your fellow Tribe travelers. Share anytime in the Forum. Weekly Live Sessions allow you to brainstorm jokes, discuss set-ups and punchlines, and get to know your Tribe community socially.


Some of the Lessions and Tutorials Include:

  • Persona!
  • Joke-Writing!
  • Comic Training!
  • Stage Presence!
  • Rhythm and Pacing!
  • Microphone Techniques!
  • How to Organize Your Set!
  • How to Tell Your Story with Humour!
  • Use Comedy to Turn Difficult Experiences into Your BIGGEST Strengths
  • Exercises, Examples, Support, Tutorials, Tools, Tips, Comedy Secrets, Hints, and More!

Join The Hilarapy Tribe Membership Program Today!
Only US$9.97/Month

What People Say

This was just the most amazing experience because suddenly I was surrounded by people

who understood my mental health issues, which a lot of people don't.

Carolyn B.

Everyone just held me through the whole thing and helped me. It fulfilled my life.

If you're feeling a little bit down, this is the online therapy course for you.

Donna C.

The biggest therapeutic part of this was getting to know that you're not alone in your insanity.

Mental illness or addiction wants to separate us and isolate us. This reminds you

that you're not the only one who has crazy thoughts or has struggled.

Jenn L.

Join The Hilarapy Tribe Membership Program Today!
Only US$9.97/Month

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Hilarapy Founders:

Lizzie Allan and Elaine Cheung

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Live Sessions

Join as many Live Sessions as you want. Connect with your community and share your ideas! 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident that you will get so much value out of our program that our guarantee is 100% risk free for 14 days or your money back.

Self-Guided Comedy Therapy Lessons

Learn at your own

pace whenever, wherever,

and for however long.

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You'll Have ACCESS to all of Hilarapy's Content

No Matter Where You Are!

Let's Review What You Get with Your online Hilarapy Tribe Membership:

  • A program that will transform your life and help you become the person you know deep down you really are

  • Unlimited access to LIVE Members Sessions where members gather to brainstorm jokes and punchlines and get to know each other socially 

  • Access the program across all platforms; learn when you what, where you want, and for however long you want

  • Join a thriving online community that supports one another. Access the Hilarapy Private Forum where you can post your questions, comments, and inspirations, share ideas, and get support from your fellow members.


Low Monthly Fee

14-Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee. Cancel Anytime.



Try it for 14 days. If you are not 100% satisfied,

we will return all of your money

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get to learn directly from Lizzie?

What about confidentiality?

How much time should I spend on the program?

Can I actually learn Comedy Writing and Performance?

Will being part of the Hilarapy Online Therapy Program solve all my mental health problems?

Hilarapy does not diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illness or disease.


Hilarapy is designed to complement your healing journey. If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, please seek help from a trained professional or call the police.


Hilarapy's Therapeutic Services are not intended to take the place of a psychotherapist or the one-on-one counselling from a mental health professional. You are responsible for seeking any additional health and support services that you may need. 


Any information provided through Hilarapy is not intended to take the place of advice from your medical professional.  Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking medical treatment because of something you have read on or accessed through and/or


You are solely responsible for your own health care and activity choices.

How will a Monthly Membership help me?

Over many, many years, we've learned that community is everything! Our unique method of Healing with Humour is powerful and life enhancing! and has to be experienced. Our Hilarapy Tribe membership will help you on your journey as you uncover and face your blocks and limitations. Walk with us towards a new experience of yourself. You will become a valuable member of the Hilarapy Tribe that needs you just as much as you need them. Your story matters! The power of vulnerability and creative expression is proven to bring ever new levels of clarity, understanding, and depth to your life.

This is the affordable online therapy you will not find anywhere else!

I've had a lot of trauma in my past. Am I supposed to find it funny?

Why share my story with the world?

What if I want to cancel my membership?


Low Monthly Fee

14-Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee. Cancel Anytime.



Try it for 14 days. If you are not 100% satisfied,

we will return all of your money

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