Using the Power of Therapeutic Comedy to Change Your World

In this 60-minute online therapy free class, you will learn:

  • Hilarapy's proven Seven Secret Steps to mine comedy from your own difficult lived experience
  • ​How to discover powerful tools to build confidence and overcome life's anxieties as well as learn meditation techniques, visualization, and breathing exercises to give your life balance and serenity
  • How to use comedy therapy tools to access the transformative power of humour (even if you've never written a joke)
  • How to use therapeutic comedy to transcend limited beliefs and negative thinking
  • How to truly 'own' who you are and change your world





Lizzie Allan is a Registered Transpersonal Therapeutic Counsellor, Professional Stand-Up Comedian, and a Comedy Therapist, with a degree in Comedy Writing and Performance. Her accomplished background in community building, support, and empowerment brings a formidable blend of skills to her role as facilitator, leader, and performer.


Hilarapy began in the UK as Addictive Comedy, the brainchild of Lizzie, created from a profound graduate comedy performance research project. She quickly discovered the transformative power of comedy and over time, as Addictive Comedy began to take shape and grow, she found her niche in the comedy space. Lizzie became fascinated by what consistently happened when telling vulnerable and authentic stories was infused with comedy in front of a supportive community audience. She was on a path to creating a new, nourishing eco-system where comedians can thrive rather than survive. This passion evolved into Hilarapy, her own unique brand of therapeutic comedy embraced by community, and a place to share real and vulnerable lived experiences in a healthy and supportive environment.


“Everyone struggles with the human condition,” observes Lizzie. “You will often hear me say, “’Being alive is traumatic.’ We are not alone. We are all the same inside.” She adds. “It’s my wish to extend a loving hand to  you and help you access a brand-new side of yourself using comedy as a weapon of mass connection.”


Lizzie is a big fan and supporter of community building and much more importantly, developing and nurturing a culture. “When we do anything together, it’s always so much better in a group,” reminds Lizzie. “Laughing with other people is the best form of connection. I’ve observed time and time again the power of comedy to create connection and to tackle the hard to talk about subjects with levity and light, so I use comedy to help articulate those difficult experiences from the shadows.”


In short, Hilarapy harnesses the power of comedy to inspire connections with the sparks of shared laughter. It is also an effective social isolation solution. “What I’ve learned over the years is our stories have power and we all have a story to tell.”


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The training is online. You will receive a link when you register for this online free therapy class. 

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How do I know if this class will work for me if I have never written comedy?

Join Founder, Registered Therapist, and Professional Stand-Up Comedian, 

Lizzie Allan to discover Using the Power of Comedy Therapy

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