Thank you to all who attended our FREE Hilarapy Laughing Yoga sessions. We had great turn outs and feedback was positive. We will look at doing more in the future. 


If you are looking for something fun and uplifting to do for your organization that will promote team building, then look no further.


Contact us below to book a Hilarapy Laughing Yoga Private Session for your organization today. 


Thanks so much for the wonderful Friday night Laughter Yoga! My newcomers group really enjoyed it and I received lots of positive feedback.  The breathing and laughter was is good to be a bit silly and have some laughs at this difficult time. Then the relaxation at the was so amazing to take the time to really let go of tension and really relax!  Loved it!


SSWR Newcomers Group

It was great! The only reason I put satisfied for myself over Very Satisfied, is because I felt a little out of my comfort zone - it was my first time and I think it takes some getting used to! Nothing to do with the instructor - she was great!

Sasha S.

CMHA BC Branch

Siobhan was amazing, pulling even the most reserved people out of their shells. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and made the entire laughing yoga experience one my team still speaks fondly of.

Carissa H.

Langley Hospice


Siobhan Coates

Coming to Hilarapy with an Improv background, Siobhan has

ripped off the band-aid of shame and lack of self-worth to own and tell her story with vulnerability and humour.

Siobhan’s core volunteer position oversees coordinating the community and supporting Hilarapy students and alumni as they walk towards the stage. If you join our Hilarapy community you will get to know her fast, she’s everywhere. Siobhan’s selfless nature and passion for Hilarapy can be seen and felt in everything she does. We are so glad to have Siobhan on our team!

Tanya Horne

With a laugh that fills up the room, everyone knows what Tanya finds funny. If she’s not laughing, she’s crying, as vulnerability is a strength she embraces. She values helping build an inclusive community with fellow Hilarapy humans and is one of our treasured core volunteers. Tanya is passionate about people and their enormous potential!

Tanya supports current students and alumni as they walk towards the stage. She facilitates workshopping sessions in our online program. She is taking mental health awareness with comedic flare to the streets as your Sit-Down Stand-Up Comedian. Go, Tanya! 

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